It all begins with an idea

The program is designed to hone and extend talent in a nurturing, professional and industry driven environment.

This exclusive program involves advanced, practical Masterclasses with theatrical creatives who each have extensive, longstanding, international careers in developing and shaping the staging of the modern musical.

STYLE – Understanding era

Through targeting specific eras and genre of Musical Theatre through the elements of scene study, acting, vocal work, character development, dance technique and choreography the course aims to lift the performers game beyond existing training and bring a genuine understanding for – and the practical application of – ‘style’.

This encompasses historical awareness of social ‘era’ and its feed into thematic content – thus impacting varied approaches to performance.

Example of styles include:

  • Legit – e.g. Rodgers and Hammerstein (Cinderella/Carousel)
  • Classic Broadway Character (Guys and Dolls/Jerry Herman)
  • Sondheim
  • Contemporary Disney (Menken/Schwartz)
  • British 80’s/90’s Legit – Cameron Mackintosh Mega Musical
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Pop/Rock Contemporary
  • 50’s/60’s Pop/Rock


Although you may already have a high dance skillset in specific dance disciplines, this course aims to help you become a more all rounded, practiced and employable artist.


You will build audition tools and strategies to adapt and succeed in high pressured environments and cultivate audition and rehearsal room etiquette.


The course will also involve choreographic exercises to develop the creative brain for roles such as Choreographer, Associates, Dance Captains and Assistants etc. Also learn insights on how to be a valuable swing and the techniques and tools to build a swing bible, such as stage write.


Develop the strong foundations of different disciplines with teachers and mentors who understand what is required from a ‘movers’ point of view in audition and rehearsal rooms. Performers who are primarily actor/singers will be supported in a patient and nurturing environment.


Work will focus on clarifying the vocal specifics across genre. This flexibility is of paramount importance in expanding a performer’s employability.


Work with Musical Directors and Vocal technique practitioners.


Solo, duet and ensemble work covering vocal requirements and approaches for distinct musical theatre styles.


  • Artists will prepare contrasting songs in multiple musical theatre styles.
  • Working with both Directors and Musical Directors participants will workshop presentation and apply technique across genres.
  • Artists will have music prepared and cut for future casting purposes, gaining appropriate material as individuals for their audition book.


Whether they be comedic or dramatic, Theatre Bridge aims is to increase the actor’s scope for creating authentic, specific and believable characters.


As with the genres attended to in vocal and dance, scene work and acting will represent the range of styles required in commercial theatre productions.


Attendees will prepare and present scene excerpts taken from a variety of theatrical shows. In workshop with directors you will explore characterisation and stage craft whilst developing a fearless approach to text based work. This will include ‘scene into song’ blending to create seamless and genuine performances.


Actors will prepare and present monologues which will be workshopped as material for future auditions.

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