the scholarships

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that THEatreBRIDGE has been presented with a distinctive opportunity through our collaboration with Precedent Productions.

Precedent Productions is generously offering two scholarships to recognize and support remarkable emerging talent – The Rising Star Scholarship and The Exceptional Artist Scholarship.

Embrace this exceptional opportunity and apply now to one of the options below to propel yourself to the next stage of your musical theatre journey.

The Rising Star

This is a scholarship for emerging talent who are seeking financial support.

We invite aspiring rising stars in the field of musical theatre to apply for our scholarship program. This opportunity is designed to provide financial support to exceptional individuals pursuing their passion for musical theatre.

Before acceptance into the program, we will require supporting documents, such as Centrelink statements, to assess and facilitate the financial assistance process.

We look forward to receiving your application and supporting you on your journey to shine as a musical theatre talent.

the exceptional artist

This scholsarship is for a performer who feels they have great potential to make a unique mark on the musical theatre stage.

We invite individuals who believe in their extraordinary potential to apply this this scholarship program. You need to have the willingness to learn new things and take what it means to be a ‘triple threat’ to a whole new level.

This opportunity is designed to support and uplift those with a distinctive vision and exceptional talent, fostering their journey towards making a unique and enduring contribution to the world of musical theatre.

Enter the scholarship spotlight today!

A short, written submission of 200 words is required to express why you feel you meet the criteria, and outline reasons to support why you are deserving of the scholarship.

The support from Precedent Productions is sincerely appreciated by THEatreBRIDGE.

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